Pennyfarthing ABA

Evidence-based, comprehensive behavioral support, education, developmental training, and crisis intervention.

Parent Education and Training

Parent education and training is an important component of a comprehensive behavioral treatment program. Well-trained parents are instrumental in the success of their children. While a child may be receiving high-quality ABA treatment services, parent support is essential to ensure proper implementation of a child’s programming during time spent outside of therapy.

Core Sessions

Our parent training follows a well-established, evidence-based curriculum to parent training. Weekly core sessions review the basic principles of behavior change and methods for managing environments for optimal growth and learning.

Sessions involve instructor-led group instruction and incorporate the use of video vignettes to illustrate concepts and teach observational skills, completion of skill-specific activity sheets, and parent homework assignments.

Core sessions are brief (between 60-90 mins each) to ensure parents can attend without too much disruption to their schedules.

These sessions will serve to benefit any parent hoping to create a well-managed home environment for their loved ones!

Attend all scheduled sessions or pick and choose the ones that you are able to make. These courses will be offered again in the future or may be offered on an individual basis, when necessary to accommodate parental needs.

The following topics are covered in the core sessions:

  1. Behavioral Principles (the ABC’s)

  2. Prevention Strategies

  3. Daily Schedules

  4. Reinforcement

  5. Planned Ignoring

  6. Compliance Training

  7. Functional Communication Skills

  8. Teaching Skills

  9. Generalization & Maintenance

Additional sessions will be available that cover the following specific topics:

  1. Toileting

  2. Feeding

  3. Sleep

  4. Time Out

  5. Imitation

  6. Crisis Management

  7. Contingency Contracting

Individualized Coaching

Our analysts will work with you to meet your needs.

During in-home visits, your therapist will walk with you through your program and demonstrate any areas you need help implementing. They will use frequent coaching to improve your implementation of any part of the plan.

Office hours are designed for checking in on your planning and progress between sessions. Two sessions are dedicated to office hours early on to ensure parents are set up for program success.


Our training meets the standards for coverage by most third-party insurance providers. Contact us to learn whether you qualify.